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What is boxpn VPN Service Provider?

Boxpn provides corporate grade internet traffic encryption and security service over VPN technology for everyone. It can be used for anyone. It protects your private life on the internet.

Governments are monitoring and ISPs are logging all our internet activities. But you will enjoy internet freedom with boxpn.

Also some ISPs and Governments are blocking some of the websites on the internet. It doesn't matter which website you are visiting anymore with boxpn. It unblocks any website.

boxpn will always provide you corporate grade security with one of it's available 200+ VPN server networks nearby. These boxpn secure networks will also allow you to take advantage of services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, Spotify, rDio, etc. without any restrictions. For example you can use Netflix now in any country. You are not restricted to be located in US.

How does boxpn do this?

Boxpn generates special tunnel with your PC and it's network firewalls. In this tunnel, all your internet traffic gets secured with 2048bit encryption.

Nobody can trace your internet traffic. Even governments, internet service providers or hackers can not see what you are doing on the internet

-= You Are Anonymous = -

Every boxpn global network is secured with corporate grade hardware base firewalls, threat management gateways, anti-malware filters. So you don't have to worry about network attacks, bugs or malware reaching your machine.

Feel safe, be free.

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